by Daniel Steinbock

QMovement is video analysis software I created in the course of my doctoral dissertation work. It's designed for a very specific purpose: to quantify and visualize the bodily movement of people in a video, using a computer vision technique called frame-differencing. I used it in my research to measure the synchrony with which Quakers move their bodies during their religious contemplation practice, Meeting for Worship. I'm sharing the software here for archival purposes and on the outside chance it's useful to another researcher in the future.

There are two components of the tool. QMovement quantifies the amount of bodily movement in a movie using frame-differencing. QColorGraph visualizes the output from QMovement.

This code requires Processing by Ben Fry and Casey Reas. It's likely that the QMovement code will become incompatible with future versions of Processing, so I'm including downloads below for the version I used in development.


Notes: I originally wrote this for my own personal use. The code is not well-commented and and likely contains bugs. Some code in QMovement is based on Frame Differencing by Golan Levin. If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

- Daniel Steinbock, August 30, 2012